Android How-To Guides

How To Change Wallpaper on Android Device

change wallpaper on Android

Wondering how to change wallpaper on Android phone or tablet? Here’s the tutorial…

How To Sync Your Android Device and Your Mac


Do you want to sync Android and Mac? Learn how to sync your email, contacts, calendar and files between your Android device and your Mac.

Download & Install Latest Google Play Store APK


Download and install the latest version of Google Play Store APK file on your Android device.

Download Android USB Drivers For Windows For Samsung, HTC or Any Other Phone

android usb drivers for windows

Download Android USB Drivers For Windows For Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Asus, Dell, Google or Any Other Phone

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode in Android Phone

enable usb debug mode in android phone

Enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone irrespective of the Android OS version you have.

How to Enable Developer Settings in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Phone

enable developer settings options on android 4.2 jelly bean

Learn how you can enable developer settings options in your Android phone running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

What is NANDroid Backup?


Learn what is NANDroid Backup and how you can create a NANDroid Backup of your Android phone or device.

How To Backup Your Android Phone or Device


Learn how you can take a partial or full backup of all the stuff and settings on your Android phone.

Beginners’ Guide For Android


Are you new to Android? Here’s a beginners’ Android guide to make you an Android expert in no time.

SMS Messages Not Working on Your Android Device? Change Message Centre Number To Fix


If the sms messages are not working on your Android device, then it may be an issue with the message centre number on your Android phone or tablet. Learn how to fix it…